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Powerful tracking and location device, suitable during operational activities as well as during free time and leisure, with the possibility for installation on board moving vehicles.
Manufacturer: MYWAKES

In every moment, in every situation, just one solution

  • PickWay is a powerful, highly precise and very small GPS locator/tracker. It is particularly recommended for professional use, both as a device to install onto vehicles (automobiles, aircraft, boats, operating machinery, etc.), as well as an accessory to take along during activities.
  • Use of this very simple and autonomous device does not require any manual intervention on the actual instrument. All setting functions are performed by a remote operator that manages and controls its activities.
  • Reading of the various positions, transferred onto the central server, generates a real-time track of the route, along with a series of additional data such as times, speed, altitude and direction of travel. An SOS request for help can be made at any time, by simply pressing a button on the device or through a link to a remote button. During activity, the operator may also carry out voluntary position readings or highlight sections of the route, in order to highlight sites or operations of particular interest.
  • As an on-board device powered by the vehicle's battery, the PickWay device can always stay on in "Stand-by mode" and send a position signal at regular intervals. Start-up of the vehicle via the ignition key activates the device in "operating mode", with immediate opening of a track on the server according to the control methods defined during configuration. When the device is turned off, it goes back to Stand-by mode.
  • PickWay automatically highlights many specific situations, such as crossing of the geographical boundaries or exceeding of the pre-established speeds, the battery charge level or turning on or off of the actual device.
  • Thanks to the powerful A-Gps function, the switch-on times are very short, and if several devices are linked to a central unit, the RADAR permits real-time monitoring and coordination of teams of operators or fleets of vehicles.
  • PickWay is therefore useful in two scenarios, the professional environment and during one's free time.
  • Recording of voluntary, tourism or sports routes.
  • Monitoring of movement in situations of potential difficulty or danger.
  • Identification and notification of any accidental crossing of the boundaries by subjects.
  • Visual and telephone link with subjects in movement during the performance of activities.


Dimensions 4.0 x 6.8 cm thickness = 2.1 cm
Weight 60 grams
Battery Polymer Li-ion 1.300 mAh - charge at 5V DC
Autonomy Depending on the operating parameters selected, the battery may run from several hours to several days.
Operating temperature range -20 °C ~ +55 °C
Maximum position location precision Outdoors without cover < 5 meters
Under disturbed reception conditions = 10-15 meters
In covered conditions > 20 metres
Time To First Fix Cold-Start = ~ 90 sec
Hot-Start = < 10 sec
Safety CE Certified


    • Car Power Supply
    • Mini USB
    • Antenna GPS
    • PickWay Holder
    • PickWay power supply
    • PickWay remote button
    • PickWay Sheath


First activation *

First activation (one time)

Months of service *

Months of service. The service can be chosen with a track update every 2 minutes or in real time.

For a track in the course, regardless of the check interval, the web browser can be updated every 2 minutes, or in real time as soon as the detection is transmitted from your PickWay.

59.90 incl tax
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