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New products

Btraced service

Month sevice for Btraced
From €6.50 incl tax

PickWay 2017 Holder

Holder for the PickWay 2017.
€19.90 incl tax

PickWay 2017

Powerful tracking and location device, suitable during operational activities as well as during free time and leisure, with the possibility for installation on board moving vehicles.
€149.90 incl tax


€125.00 incl tax

Kitt Way service

Month sevice for KittWay
From €6.50 incl tax

Keep Way service

Month sevice for KeepWay
From €6.50 incl tax


Powerful tracking and location device for logistics and automotive, quick and easy installation via OBD II connector.
€125.00 incl tax

TomTom service

Month service for TomTom
From €6.50 incl tax