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Picture of TomTom service

TomTom service

Month service for TomTom
Manufacturer: MYWAKES

Monthly service for TomTom

The service includes:

  • Automatic opening, recording and closure of tracks with device switch on/operation/switch off.
  • Management of track history up to 6 months.
  • Recording, management and automatic linking of photos to the routes travelled.
  • Instant real time (Radar) overview of the entire set of devices in movement, both globally via the last position recorded by each, as well as by accessing the details of each individual route.
  • Production of activity summaries and statistical tachographs (speed, distance, time).
  • Possibility to add personalised Waypoints, commented on the route maps.
  • Possibility to overlap, in view mode, with Google topographical or satellite maps, personal maps, technical or professional maps, or Kml-Kmz tourist maps, which can be downloaded from the internet (maps of trails, tourist itineraries, mountain-bike paths, ski slopes, etc.).
  • Activation of crash alarms.
  • Activation of alarms for violation (incoming and/or outgoing) of security enclosures.
  • Activation of notifications for specific situations, such as switching on and off of the device.
  • Exchange of messages and sharing of maps and itineraries or Radar with other Users.
  • Memorisation of specific positions, to store events and operations requiring storage and which can be commented on individually.
TomTom service
Months service for your TomTom
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The unique identifier of your TomTom

Push *

Usually, map update happens every two minutes, showing the last positions sent from devices.
Push mode allows users, who are watching vehicles moving on the map, to see the new positions as soon as they are sent to MyWakes.
In this case, MyWakes server receives the location from the device and then notifies immediately the new coordinates to the browser that updates his map instantly.

7.50 incl tax