Shipping within Italy

Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery is available exclusively during Business Days. This option involves delivery to a street address for all products purchased on MyWakes. Cedac Sistemi entrusts all Standard Delivery orders to the courier SDA Gruppo Poste Italiane. Under the Standard Delivery option, the courier makes the delivery without any advance notification by phone.

Client absent upon delivery

If the Client is not present upon delivery, the courier shall leave a notice in the mailbox or, if there is none, on the doorbell. The Client shall then be responsible for contacting the courier in accordance with the instructions on the notice. The parcel will be held at the nearest SDA location for a period of 15 days, after which, if no communication is received, it will be returned to the Cedac Sistemi warehouse, with subsequent cancellation of the order and refunding of the purchase price, according to the payment method selected, except for the shipping cost, which will be borne by the Client.

Delivery Times

All deliveries are entrusted exclusively to the courier SDA Gruppo Poste Italiane which, upon collection from the Cedac Sistemi warehouse, will comply with the times indicated in the table below:

RegionCity and provinceUnderdeveloped areas
Valle d'Aosta 24 48
Piedmont 24 48
Lombardy 24 48
Liguria 24 48
Veneto 24 48
Friuli Venezia Giulia 24 48
Trentino Alto Adige 24 48
Emilia Romagna 24 48
Tuscany 24 48
Umbria 24 48
Lazio 24 48
Marche 24 48
Abruzzo 24 48
Molise 24 48
Campania 24 48
Puglia 24 48
Basilicata 24 48
Calabria 48 48/72
Sicily 48 48/72
Sardinia 48 48/72
Other Islands 48 48/72

Delivery time in hours

Package tracking

After the courier collects the parcel, the client may verify its status by tracking it and following the various phases of the process. The shipment may be tracked through the order details option of the user profile, where all the tracking codes are entered. Clients may track their shipments simply by clicking on “Tracking” or by entering them directly at on the specific page of the courier’s web site (SDA Gruppo Poste Italiane)..

Saturday delivery

If requested, Saturday deliveries are available in the main Italian cities. If the order is completed on a Friday, delivery cannot be made on the next day but on the Saturday of the subsequent week.
The optional service “Di Sabato” (Saturday delivery) can be combined with other optional services, except for “Fermodeposito” (pick-up by Client directly at courier premises), “Time Definite” (delivery at a specific time) and “Di Sera” (evening delivery).

Evening delivery

With the “Di Sera” service, deliveries are made outside of working hours, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) in the major Italian cities. This service cannot be combined with Saturday delivery.

Delivery by telephone appointment

The delivery day may be agreed upon in advance with the courier. In order to use this service, the Client must provide a telephone number and the name of a contact person. In this case, the courier will not make the delivery directly but will first contact the client, who will indicate the preferred time and day of delivery. The delivery must be scheduled within and no later than 5 business days from arrival of the package at the relative SDA premises.

Deliveries outside Italy

Delivery times

Delivery times do not include Saturdays and holidays and, without prejudice to any customs formalities, all deliveries are carried out through the Export Box Service of Gruppo Poste Italiane which, upon collection at the Cedac Sistemi warehouses, will comply with the following times:

  • Europe 4 days (*)
  • Rest of the world 4/6 days

(*) Norway and Portugal 4/6 days

Client absent upon delivery

If the Client is not present, the courier shall leave a notice in the mailbox or, if there is none, on the doorbell. Some countries have established a specific number of attempts to deliver at the address indicated. See the SDA site for additional information.

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