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Picture of MyWakes Development Kit

MyWakes Development Kit

Start developing your tracking application faster and easier with MDK
Manufacturer: MYWAKES

MyWakes Development Kit

MyWakes Development Kits are designed to accelerate the development of solutions that integrate geo-location and tracking logic.

MDKs allow developers to become familiar with MyWakes solutions, understand the platform's potential and start developing their new applications or integrate geo-location and tracking features into existing applications.

Each MDK includes:

  • two or more MyWakes GPS/GPRS device (depending on the MDK);
  • USB power cable (when applicable to the device);
  • other cables if necessary.

What is not included:

  • Data SIM with GPRS connection, needed to send information to MyWakes platform

Buying one or more MDK allows you to take advantage of the following features:

  • GPS devices first configuration and activation;
  • one year of tracking and geo-locating service;
  • Android and IOS App to follow your devices;
  • use of MyWakes Rest WEB APIs fully documented on the dedicated site:;
  • SDKs for more than 30 (thirty) programming languages;
  • technical support by mail;
  • prepayed credit of 20 SMS, for sending configuration or alarms, each device;
  • full encrypted access by using HTTPS protocol to MyWakes platform and both Android and IOS App;
  • realtime position of devices and events;
  • possibility to change devices settings directly from MyWakes website;
  • management of events and alarms by email, SMS, voice call, webhook and IFTTT;
  • six months of data retention;
  • possibility to export tracks in GPX format at any time and save them on your PC;
  • multi-shape virtual geofences;
  • points of interests management;
  • possibility to overlap custom maps as a layer on the map;
  • possibility to overlap information like real time traffic and weather;
  • points of interests and tracks import from GPX and virtual geofences import from KML, KMZ and GPX;
  • PDF report generation;
  • consumers management (people, vehicles, planes, etc.);
  • advanced features on the map with the capability of:
    • multiple consumers selection in order to execute group actions;
    • consumers filter based on multiple criteria;
    • and much more...
  • consumers group management.
MyWakes Development Kit
Start developing your tracking application faster and easier with MDK
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