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Cedac102, new reality for the electric saving of energy in residential field.
With the adoption of the protocol of communication wireless ZigBee, realizes products for the Smart residential HAN (Home Area Network), allowing interoperability, to monitor and increase efficiency of employment of the different household, washing machines, dishwasher, lighting, boiler, air conditioning, etc, with the aim of drastically reduce the electric consumptions of energy in house.

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The FlexKey is the most compact Zigbee USB Dongle available in the market Today. It has been designed to be connected to any device equipped with a USB port (ADSL Modem, PC, Tablet) to allow it to be connected in a Zigbee Network.
From €36.60 incl tax


FlexPlug is an innovative SmartPlug. FlexPlug makes smart all electronic devices. The wireless communication is made with zigbee home automation profile. All information are sent to network coordinator, FlexDisplay or FlexGateway.
From €69.91 incl tax